Travel App Development: Cost, Features, Business Model, Tech Stack etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Travel App in 2021

Are you managing a travel agency and looking for potential ways to hit the market with the perfect solution? Developing or building your own travel app for your business will be a worthy decision if you really want to be a part of this thriving industry.

According to the survey report, global online travel booking is contributing to the $517.8 billion market size and 65% of revenue share has been generated from the online travel and tourism market.

Gone are those days when travel plans were managed by the agencies. With so much modernization and innovation in digitization, planning…

Create An App Like Clubhouse: Cost, Features, Business Model and Process

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Clubhouse App in 2021

With the severe impact of the pandemic everywhere, things have totally changed from last year. People worldwide spent almost a year locked up in their place and are bound to run their businesses from home using digital communication tools. But the lack of live communication and social engagements has caused a great boom in the digital industry.

Thereby, emerging social media companies are bringing new ways to connect people, friends, family, celebs, and peers. And there are few startups that have witnessed huge success in 2020. And one of them is Clubhouse.

While online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram…

Game App Development: Cost, Features, Business Model, Types etc.

Over the recent years, the mobile game industry has been riding the hype and constantly booming without showing any sign of going down in the near future. Gaming apps are powered by emerging technologies including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and more. And they have given a brilliant makeover to traditional video games.

With Covid-19's impact on practically everything — right from businesses to lives, economies to countries — the world has greatly changed over the last year. …

Create a Fitness App: Cost, Features, Business Model and Trends

Every year, new fitness resolutions are made but they remain on the to-do list due to our modern super fast-paced lifestyle. However, today, the wave of mobile fitness solutions is bringing a great change and replacing the traditional workout places with virtual fitness applications.

While people are spending 4 hours a day on their favourite applications, assuming that they are only using it for shopping, listening to music, or chatting online can be a wrong assumption. …

Create a Video Streaming App Like YouTube: Cost, Features, Business Model, Tech Stack, etc.

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Have you been planning to invest in mobile app development solutions to take your business to new heights? Undoubtedly, video streaming apps like YouTube are the perfect option to get started in 2021.

How and Why?

Think of it, would you like to read long texts or prefer looking at the visuals or videos with impressive text? Surely, many of you prefer watching videos!

Video content is the most powerful driver of user engagement and conversions. …

How to Create a Restaurant App in 2021 (Cost, Features, Business Model, etc.)

Are you a restaurant owner who is looking for ways to scale up your business to the next level?

With the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet, the one way to achieve greater success and make your business more competitive is to create a restaurant app.

The emerging technologies in the mobile app development industry have taken the world by storm and the restaurant industry is not an exception. But why do restaurants go mobile, when they have super fine dining and a pleasurable environment to offer their customers?

Things are like smartphones and the internet are strongly dominating…

A Guide to Pick the Best Pricing Strategy For Your App Development Project

There was a time when mobile app development was a luxury for businesses. But today, it has become a synonym of success in the digital world. With the increasing hype of digitization, building a great mobile app takes the center stage.

With the prediction to generate $935 billion of mobile app revenue, businesses are increasingly targeting mobile platforms in the hope to become a part of this thriving industry.

Small or big, every company is trying their best to leverage the benefits of this industry to boost its revenue. …

Undoubtedly, companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of having a digital presence. But the answer to whether they should build mobile apps or mobile websites has still remained a big puzzle for them.

Approximately 50% of web traffic is generated from mobile devices and on the other side, an increasing number of smartphone users are spending 92% of mobile time on apps and inclining towards the same. The changing psychology of the users is putting startups and businesses in a big dilemma to determine what method is the best way to reach, connect and serve their customers.


7 metrics show Flutter’s promising future in the enterprise space

Hand reaching out
Hand reaching out
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

Is Flutter ready for enterprise app development? That has been one of the most repeated questions raised by developers for a long time. But after it came out from Beta, this platform has shown a lot of promise and provided an overwhelming number of native features that make app development easier for native apps.

While it is true that the mobile app development market is shifting towards a powerful app development process experience, one of the major obstacles is the division between iOS and Android app development. …

Top 10 Valid Proofs that Show React Native App Development Cost is Lower

Whether you are a bootstrapper or a leading entrepreneur, choosing the best technology for app development and estimating the costs to build an app are the most pressing concerns of an organization.

When it comes to app development, you all are familiar with the fact that JavaScript always brings all good things to the web industry. But with the launch of React Native, JavaScript has also become a boon to the mobile app development world. …

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