Top 10 Valid Proofs that Show React Native App Development Cost is Lower

Whether you are a bootstrapper or a leading entrepreneur, choosing the best technology for app development and estimating the costs to build an app are the most pressing concerns of an organization.

When it comes to app development, you all are familiar with the fact that JavaScript always brings all good things to the web industry. But with the launch of React Native, JavaScript has also become a boon to the mobile app development world. …

As the demand for mobile applications grows in a post-Covid-19 world, mobile app development companies continue to gain prominence. But many startups and leading entrepreneurs still face challenges to launch a winning digital solution at the right time as customer expectations keep evolving at a greater speed than app development.

In a world where supermarkets or grocery stores were once seen fully packed during weekends, now shopping for grocery items has become more and more virtual. Things are now gradually starting to change!

With customers trying to maintain social distancing and limit going out, shopping for groceries online is becoming…

Gone are those days when businesses were only targeting to make their application compatible to work with 4G or 5G technology. In this modern era, with the changing psychologies of the users, they want applications to perform even when they have no internet connection.

“According to Wired Magazine 2014, business mobile applications aren’t truly mobile if they can’t work offline on mobile devices. And surprisingly, organisations are spending a huge amount of time and cost to incorporate offline access to the business app.”

But before we get into the reasons why it is important to add offline access to your…

When it comes to developing a web application, JavaScript is the only programming language that comes to your mind. According to the survey report of Stack, JavaScript is the most popular choice of programming language in the world for web app development as it is easy to learn, works well when combined with other languages, and can be used to build a variety of applications.

But, with the latest trends and surveys, it has been observed that Node.js is not only setting a new trend but also taking over all the momentum for backend programming.

With the increasing competition in…

In this shimmering world of emerging technologies and innovations, developing an application may have become the hottest trend among bootstrapper, SMEs and leading brands of the industry. But as the hype of digitization is increasing, mobile app security is also becoming a serious concern for businesses.

So how to keep your app vulnerabilities at the bay? This blog will guide you about the various security threats and widely accepted best practices to build a secure mobile app.

Let’s get into the deep of the concept with the table of content:

  • Understanding the Common Psychology of Businesses
  • Catching the Real Statistics…

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In today’s modern time, isn’t it enough to own a car itself is a burden that you have to deal with regular washing as well? Aren’t you frustrated with the thought of standing in long queues for hours at the car service station? And finally, those annoying car washing bills triggering your anxiety and making you feel that owning a car is a significant liability!

Forget all!

While in practical lives, cars have become one of the essential commodities to survive; on the other hand, their maintenance, regular cleaning and pampering have engrossed into daunting daily chores.

Imagine how convenient…

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the businesses of all domains and dragged them to the dark with the least hope to resume back to their grounds. And one of the most affected fields is education, where students have been cut off from the schools and teachers by following the social distancing measures.

On one side, schools are in a hopeless situation to deal will this never seen turbulent situation, on the other hand, Google has once again taken the momentum with the launch of Google classroom and aided crores of students with the virtual learning facility who left…

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Are you looking for the ultimate idea to get started with the transport industry that can help you establish a strong foothold for the next decades in the competitive market? Car Rental app development is one of the astonishing startup ideas that catching wind nowadays.

According to the survey, the global car rental market size was valued at $92.92 billion in 2019 expected to take a steep jump and projected to reach $214.04 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 10.7%.

Sounds promising?

Why Has Car Rental App Business Become a New Trend in 2021?

The increasing impact of mobile applications has changed every part of the business world, and car rental…

Legal marijuana delivery for medical purposes has been soaring from the last few years. And with the great innovation in technologies and great relaxation in regulations, the sale of cannabis has been turned into a fastest-growing business in the USA.

Cannabis that is also known as Marijuana/Marihuana is expected to generate the legal sale of worth $20 billion by the year 2022 and 158.8 million people around the globe are using Marijuana.

There are two major reasons behind the rapidly increasing sale of the Marijuana- its legalization in more than 29 states and increasing use of cannabis for medical or…

A Technical Guide To Launch An On-Demand Taxi Business App Like Uber

Image Source: Dribble By Lay

Whether you are into a taxi booking business or planning to enter this industry, getting started with an Uber clone app with all native features including geolocation, notification alerts, ride booking, in-app payment, etc., can be the perfect start for your business in 2021.

With the prediction that on-demand applications will reach a market value of $335 billion by the year 2025 and U.S consumers are spending $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy, undoubtedly, on-demand mobile applications are quickly reshaping the world around us.

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