Everything You Need To Know About Face Changing App And How Much Will It Cost You?

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Face Swap App: Its Cost, Features, Process, and Tech Stack.

Sophia Martin
11 min readMar 22, 2022

With over 3.58 billion monthly active users on social media apps, undoubtedly the social media landscape is fastly expanding. With new platforms and trends emerging regularly in the domain of social media, it becomes harder for marketers and businesses to stay up-to-date. But when you know the pulse of this rapidly growing market, you can find your way to success.

If it comes to reality, many of you are in a dilemma, what exactly makes the social media industry rise at a fast pace?

If you are planning to enter the photo editing app genre, you need to get familiar with the face-changing apps that are quickly becoming a trendsetter in 2022.

The viral wave of photo filters and editing features has set social media apps like Instagram or Snap-chat on fire. The trend of transforming selfies into various AI-based filters has evolved the social media industry. And one such recent trend that has gripped the social media world is Reface and Face-App.

Yes, face-swapping apps like Reface have gone viral on social media and have taken the internet by storm. In fact, these apps are so captivating and enchanting that millions of users are downloading the app. One of the most trending features of these apps is to let users swap their faces with celebrity’s faces. Moreover, using such mind-blowing features of these photo editing apps enables you to try various photo filters and try a new look. But as these apps are growing in popularity, they are losing their charm among users due to a lack of innovation and uniqueness.

If you are working on an idea of developing an all-new AI face-swapping app, then this might be a good time to put a plan into action. People are more excited to try apps with all new features. As early as you invest in this mind-blowing app idea by hiring a mobile app development company, your project can make it a big hit in the market. Instead of just swapping faces with a favourite actor or creating GIFs, users can be addicted to such photo editing tools. If you are still wondering whether investing in photo editing or face changing apps will be a worthy decision, then you need to understand market statistics…

Market Insights and Future Scope of Photo Swapping App

There is no denying the fact that everyone loves trying something interesting and funny to make their conversation more engaging and impressive. With face changing apps like Reface or Face-App, users can add their faces to popular movie GIFs or enhance their facial features within a matter of a few seconds. In fact, the unique idea of launching a face swap app is to provide a platform that allows users to display their editing skills and make their pictures look more impressive by trying such quick AI-based filters.

The social media apps like Snap-chat and Instagram are already leveraging the perks of face swapping features and conquering the photo editing market grounds.

With these statistics, it is clear that the photo editing market is growing and always have a space to adjust the new face changing apps like Reface. However, developing a photo replacing app that can set a benchmark in the market is a tough job. By hiring an app development company, you can proceed further. If you are all set, to begin with, this project, then you need to understand how exactly it works and what makes it so demanding? Wondering where to find all such answers and solutions to your query? Then this blog will help you get the complete details right here.

Before you get straight into the process of app development, it’s time to learn about the key highlights of the blog…

Table of Content

  • Understanding the Mechanism of Face Changing App Like Reface or Face-App
  • Top Filters That Can Make Your App Viral
  • Main Features and Functionalities To Create a Photo Editing App
  • Tech-stack to Consider for Swap App Development
  • How To Make a Profit From a Photo Editing App?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Create a Photo Editing App like Reface or Face-App?
  • Conclusion

1. Understanding the Mechanism of Face Changing App Like Reface or Face-App

The simple, intuitive and highly engaging interface of photo swapping apps like Reface or Face-app has made users crazy. In fact, entrepreneurs interested in creating a photo swapping app need to understand that these app types use fake deep technology which is further embedded with artificial intelligence technology to execute facial replacements quickly.

The mechanism of photo editing or face changing apps is straightforward and simple. The portrait AI app captures the facial expressions and movements of the users through HD selfie or videos and uploads it on the app. The pre-existing images and footage in-app will be further combined with the real-time images and allow users to access some extraordinary editing tools for excellent results.

Another option is to upload a high-definition photo or video to further add filters to it. The technology is so efficient that it automatically crop the user’s face to match the facial expressions in the original filter to make it look real. You can consider hiring mobile app developer to customize an app and provide hundreds of GIF files and filters in the library. In fact, you can allow users to explore such specific filters or GIFs by searching them with the right keywords and selecting them to proceed further.

While GIFs and Face filters can be a game-changer in your photo swapping app. But still, you need to look for the filters that make Reface type photo editing app a big hit in the market.

2. Top Filters That Can Make Your App Viral

The popularity of Reface or Face-app have spurred among entrepreneurs and encouraged them to build a clone app to leverage the success as a photo-editing platform. If you are also interested in creating an app and curious to know how much does it cost to create a photo changing app, then outsource an app development company. Like Reface, make sure your face-swapping app is also free to download and access but don’t forget to add premium features for the paid version.

According to market analysis, Face-app enjoys 100M+ downloads with 4.7+ ratings on App Store and 4.5 ratings on Google Play Store.

But the question is what contributes to its popularity?

Here are the top filters that make Face-App or Reface app Trending:

  • Gender Swap: This feature contributes to reaching millions of users and help this app to generate millions of revenue. Using this filter, anyone can swap their gender. The photo changer app can make you look female or male and allow users to check how they look in the opposite gender.
  • Age Filter: Now this filter has proved a golden ticket for the app makers to reach billions of users by simply allowing them to instantly change their age. Using this photo filter, users can check themself look in older as well as the younger versions. This filter has even grabbed the attention of celebrities and become popular with the hashtags like #FaceAppChallenge and #AgeChallenge.
  • Hair-Style Filter: Reface type photo changing app makes its user try different hairstyles virtually and get them to understand what looks best on them. Why try various hairstyles in real life when you can try them using this filter.
  • Skin Tone Lightening Filter: This is usually a primary photo filter of any photo swapping app, but Reface has considered it to provide it in different versions.
  • Smile Filter: Let users enhance their smile by simply using different smile filters.

Before you get straight into replicating the app clone and consider launching a photo swapping app similar to Reface, you need to take a moment. Developing a duplicate of Faceapp or Reface app won’t get you success. While many of you have a choice to hire an app developer to customize the app structure. Instead of replicating the app clone of Faceapp, they help you integrate the best choice of features to make it unique. These are the filters that users already get in the existing app. So what’s new you can offer them onboard on your app?

Let’s check it out!

3. Main Features and Functionalities To Create a Photo Editing App

Developing a face change app is always entertaining. But don’t take it otherwise. The success of the app is majorly dependent upon the interface of the app and its functionalities. So here we will discuss the top features and functionalities that you can consider in your clone app if you are planning to build one.

  • User Registration: It is one of the most important features of your mobile app. Allow users to sign up for your app using the Email ID or contact details. To make your signup process faster and easier, you can add the option to signup with social media integration.
  • Upload Pictures: Reface like photo changing apps allow users to upload their profile picture from the phone’s gallery or directly from the social media app. To take this feature to the next level, you can allow them to apply filters on photos and provide in-app editing tools.
  • Image Enhancing Tools: To make photos look more interesting and attractive, you can offer image-enhancing tools such as hairstyles, eyeglasses, make-up, beards and more. These tools can instantly change your look with just a few taps.
  • Face Editing Tools: Whether users are capturing a real-time image or uploading it from the phone’s gallery, assist them in editing by offering editing options like adjusting contrast, light, rotate, crop and more.
  • Search Box: Add a search bar in your app to allow users directly look for certain filters by searching it with keywords. This section will help users search for their favourite videos and be able to access the trending ones.
  • Personalised Suggestion: Make your app stand apart in the market by implementing this feature in your app. As the app runs on AI-powered Deep faking technology, therefore it is easier to determine user behavior. By hiring an app development company you can take this functionality to the next level. Using this technology, suggest users some top filters.
  • Social Sharing: Everyone loves to share their excellent photo editing skills with everyone out there. This functionality allows users to share the edited GIF made in your app. This feature will work in both ways- ensuring a satisfying user experience and will get you free promotion on social media platforms.
  • Upload Content: After spending time on your app click picture, edit it with an AI filter, most users would love to upload it on the app right away with the quick upload button.
  • Download or Delete Content: If the user made a GIF or face swap video that they don’t want to upload then provide the option to save it and download it. Later users can delete such unwanted content through the app.

These are the few main features of creating a photo swapping app that can help you compete with leading photo editing apps. But to make it work flawlessly, you need to look for the technologies that support the backend and front-end.

3. Tech-stack to Consider for Swap App Development

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence based algorithms and filters are the heart and soul of a face swap app. However, to make it work on different platforms, you need to look for various tools and third-party integrations to make it work faster. No matter whether you are developing an MVP solution or a full-fledged advanced version, Google API is one of the most effective services to link an app between the user account and the server.

  • Next, you can consider GANs which work to create a network of integrated data used to build comparisons between different images and then synthesise them for better results.
  • For server-side scripting, it is recommended to use Python as it ensures a high level of flexibility, dynamics, availability. Also, Python makes use of MySQL to store information.
  • For Android app development, it is worth using either Kotlin or Java programming language.
  • For iOS app development, Objective C or Swift are always a popular choice of developers.
  • For hybrid face app swap app development, you can leverage the richness of React Native, Flutter or Xamarin.
  • Further, OpenCV can be used as a 3D graphic rendering tool.

These are the basic choice of technologies that you can look for while developing a photo swapping app. Rest, you can consult app developers to get your hands on more advanced and modern technology alternatives.

4. How To Make a Profit From a Photo Editing App?

Whether you are a startup or a leading entrepreneur, your ultimate point in developing an app is to understand how much it can help you make money. To get successful, it is important that your app will make enough money. For this either you can hire a software development company to implement the best monetization strategy or else create your own strategy. There are various ways to make money through the snap swapping app but to make enough profit, make sure you pick the right strategy.

Based on the market survey, here we are explaining some ways to monetize your photo changing app:

  • To generate revenue, make sure you add in-app advertisements for third-party businesses.
  • The second monetizing model is to look for charging fees for providing access to premium features.
  • Offer subscription plans on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You can charge subscription charges and allow users to access these premium features in an app.

5. How Much Does It Cost to Create a Photo Editing App like Reface or Face-App?

Estimating the app development cost of a photo changing app is always a nerve-wracking task for the developers. Since it includes various filters, a plethora of functionalities and embracing advanced technologies, therefore, predicting a standard app development cost is always a great challenge.

But determining the app development cost is not rocket science especially when you know what factors are affecting the app development cost. So before you come to any conclusion, you need to know what the cost influences facts and how they can help you set the right budget.

Here is the app development cost affecting factors:

  • The complexity of the app
  • Choice of operating platform
  • The complexity of app design
  • Features and functionalities of the app
  • App Testing
  • App development team
  • The hourly cost of the app developers, and more

If it comes to estimating the app development cost based on such factors, then it will float around USD 20,000 to USD 25,000 per platform. Whereas the advanced app version may cost USD30,000 to 35,000+ depending upon the complexity of the app and business requirements. So before you make any decision, it is recommended to book a free consultation slot with experts to make a fair decision.


With the increasing popularity of social media apps offering multiple face change filters, undoubtedly the market of face changing apps is also booming these days. If you have decided to enter the AI-based photo changing market, then you can hire a mobile app development company to create a photo swapping app like Reface or Face-app. With the right choice of features and implementation of technologies, you can create your mobile app that can make a big difference in the face swap business. All you need is to keep in mind that you make your app available for both platforms.

So if you have an app development idea or concept in mind related to the face swap market and looking for a team that can turn it into a robust solution, then you can contact us or drop a query below.


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